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How to use multiple background colors

Not many people have discovered that you can use multiple background colors on your banners, which is just too bad since that will add some extra life to your banner. The banners you create will also attrack the eyes of the visitors much easier and therefore result in better conversion rates :D

In this article I will show you how to create banners with multiple background colors that blend into each other.

First visit the banner creator at and select the banner size of your choice. Then scroll down to the background color choice and select “gradient color”.

Select gradient color to get multiple color choices

That will give you two color selection boxes, one for the upper background color and another one for the lower background color. As default they two colors are gray and white, which is kind of boring.

Background color selection tool

It’s easy to select the background colors to use, just click on the colors you want and the banner will be updated with the background color you clicked on :D . If you know the HTML code for a color you would like to use just fill in the color code in the boxes under the color tables. That will update the background on your banner to use the color code you selected instead of one of the pre-defined in the color table. This option is great if you already know the color code, or if you want your banner to match your company colors or web site design.

By playing around with the color tables you can create some nice and “interesting” backgrounds for your banners. Just look at the examples I created:




What kind of backgrounds did you create?


That Tends To be Cool…I am new in banner Design…I always try to make the banners with the single color…But Making Background color in gradient Really make the design to standout….

Thanks For share dude…