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Google to remove beta from their services

Finally it’s time for what all the Google users been waiting several years on: Google has announced that they will remove the beta status from Gmail and maybe some other services.

The beta stauts means that their services are not completely tested and some bugs may still be there. The usual with something in beta testing is that it’s only going to be like that for a few weeks, at most a couple of months. The thing with Google is that their services has been in beta for several years :(, but now they’re going to change it.

So why will they change away from beta if their services has been like that for several years? The thing is called business users!

If Google want companies to start using Gmail (and their other services) instead of like Outlook, then they have to remove the beta status since companies don’t want to use untested software for their live and business critical operations. Gmail in beta status may be perfectly find for private persons and small companies, but not the big once.

Now it’s just up to Google to make companies like their services too.