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How to spread the word about your banners

What do you do with your newly created banner? Well we have several options for you to spread the word about your banner. You can for example post it to your Twitter time line or you can send it by email to your friends (or to yourself).

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Let me tell you a little secret….

Obamas Twitter accoount with more than 270,000 followers!Would you like to know how to get thousands of legitimate Twitter followers with as little work as possible?

I guess we’ve all seen the Twitter account of Obama with over 270,000 followers and wanted the same for our own Twitter accounts. 270,000 could be a little bit hard to obtain for someone who’s not the US president, but a few thousands of followers is actually not impossible.

Instead of trying to follow as many as possible yourself, or even start spamming like some people do, you can get yourself a Twitter downline at By joining and only referring 5 people you could have a chance at nearly 20,000 followers.

Here’s how it’s working: If you refer 5 people you end up in their downline which means that when they refer 5 people each you get 25 followers and end up in their downline too. So if they too refer 5 people each you get a total of  155 followers!!!! If each and every one refer 5 people each you could after 6 levels end up with almost 20,000 followers on Twitter.

It’s completely free to join and even if you’re not getting 20,000 followers you could end up with a lot more then you have today, so you have absolutely nothing to lose :D

Read more and join at

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Twitter the banners you create is the first of Xavier Media’s  services to use our new API for making long boring link short:

The feature we’ve added to use is a Twitter button found in both the VIP area and the banner designer where you can Twitter your banner. The link to your banner will be shortened with the help of, causing the links to be even shorter then :D so you can Twitter more text :D . We’re doing this to give you even more options to share you banners with friends and family (and to give you a chance to show us and the world how good you are at designing banners).

To Twitter about your banner you simply just click on the Twitter icon after you’ve saved your banner. You will then be sent to Twitter with a short link to your banner pre-filled in the message box at Twitter. Easy isn’t it?

Twitter icon in the Toolbar

As a small side effect of all this you can now follow on Twitter. Just click here to follow @CreateBanner. As a follower you will get updates from our blog and a few other banner creation tips and tricks. Later we’ll even give away some trial VIP membership to people who follow us, so make sure you start following us as soon as possible: @CreateBanner

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Create your banner in 4 simple steps

Select the type of background you would like to use on your banner.

Solid background color

Gradient background color

Color direction
Background Inspiration

We've added a few different backgrounds here to give you some inspiration. Click on a background to try it on your banner. You can of course finetune the background colors if they are not exactly as you want by using the tabs above.

Background image

Double-click on the banner where you would like to start writing your text. To move your text just grab it on the banner with the mouse and drag it to the position you want.

Text Font Size Color Border Bold Italic Remove

When your banner is ready, select the image format you want to start downloading your banner.

Download the banner as

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