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The brand new version 5.0 of

We’ve just launched the brand new version of Rewritten from the beginning this time. The previous 4 versions have all had old code in them from the version before, but this time it’s completely new without any old baggage ;-)

The pro’s with the new version is that it allow us to add new functions we couldn’t do in the old versions and this time we’re planning to add a lot of new features. One of the most requested features has been to use your own background picture or to include pictures in the banner. We’re working on it an hope to launch that feature in version 5.1.

Another heavily requested feature is custom banner sizes. That’s already included in this version along with three new sizes: Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter header pictures. Enjoy!

As always we’re looking for new features to add and if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

The big con with this new version is that all old tutorials are not valid any more :-( but don’t worry we’re planning to add more tutorials and ow-to’s in the near future.