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Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the new blog where we’ll write about how to design banners and a lot more. We will of course also try to publish a few tutorials and how-to’s to help you create the best banners :D

If you’re interested in a VIP membership there’s a contest in the Xavier Media blog where you can win 5 one year VIP memberships!!!!

With a VIP membership you can create as many banners you want without the text “” on each and every banner. You also get a couple of other features like multiple file formats and the option to copy a banner you’ve already created to re-design it.

To celibrate the start of this blog we’ll give the first user to post a comment here a one year VIP membership for free! Just post a comment about our service and we’ll email a coupon for you :D

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Create your banner in 4 simple steps

Select the type of background you would like to use on your banner.

Solid background color

Gradient background color

Color direction
Background Inspiration

We've added a few different backgrounds here to give you some inspiration. Click on a background to try it on your banner. You can of course finetune the background colors if they are not exactly as you want by using the tabs above.

Background image

Double-click on the banner where you would like to start writing your text. To move your text just grab it on the banner with the mouse and drag it to the position you want.

Text Font Size Color Border Bold Italic Remove

When your banner is ready, select the image format you want to start downloading your banner.

Download the banner as

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